Retro & Rad is now working with The Nacelle Company to provide you with their awesome products! You may know them from creating shows such as The Toys That Made Us and The Movies That Made Us on Netflix, Behind The Attraction on Disney +, and A Toy Store Near You on Amazon Prime.
While continuing to make these shows, now they’ll be making toys as well. Some vintage toy lines will be coming back and better than ever, Power Lords, Robo Force, and more! Retro & Rad is one of a few small toy stores across the US that will be the very first to offer their products exclusively! Please check our store and website for Nacelle Company items for sale and pre-orders.

Robo Force has arrived! Available in store!

Pre-orders for wave 1 of Robo Force from The Nacelle Company are here! Maxx and Wrecker are first up with a release date of Fall 2022. Support your local toy store and pre-order through us to guarantee yours! Stop by the shop or contact us to place your order today!

Passport To The Toy Stores Of The World

By now you’ve heard of our partnership with The Nacelle Company, but did you know that there’s about 70 other small toy stores out there across the US and Canada that are also in partnership? And together we form the Legion of….err well, the Nacelle Toy Stores of the World!

Stop in here or to any of the participating toy stores to grab a passport and get yours stamped by each store when you visit! It’s a fun challenge to fill up your passport for anyone who likes to shop for toys and travel! Support your local toy stores and get stampin’!